Al Ard 18th Edition – List of Selected Films


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Al Ard is happy to announce the list of the films that passed through the selection and will participate in the 18th edition of the festival!
;Films selected in “Al Ard Classic” section:

Collectif Vacarme(S) Films – Fedayin, Le Combat De Georges Abdallah, 2020
Iyad Alasttal – Gaza Footbullet, 2021
Tariq Keblaoui; Nessim Stevenson – Second Wind, 2021
Habib Ayeb – Om Layoun, 2021
Farida Kilani – RootsIn The Middle, 2019
Sameer Qumsiyeh – Walled Citizen, 2020
Doris Hakim – Liwan A Story Of Cultural Resistance, 2021
Hayat Amjad Labban – Crowned By Bay Leaves, 2020
Mathilde Babo; Ahmad Al-Khalil – Jump The Wall, 2021
Aya Matrabie – Uranus, 2020
Mira Sidawi – The Wall, 2020
Maryse Gargour – A Talk With Remarkable People, 2021
Marwah Jbara Tibi; Nidal Rafa – Abbas 36, 2019
Faisal Zakarneh – Wadi Al-Qilt The Untold Story, 2021
Antoine Bonzon; Benoit Bizard – Borderline, 2021
Mohamad Khalil Abu Mathana – Mosaic, 2021
Roshdi Sarraj – Bank Of Targets, 2021
Nicola Zambelli – Sarura, 2021
Waseem Khair – 120 KM, 2021
Mai Masri – Beirut: Eye Of The Storm, 2021
Samaher Alqadi – As I Want, 2021
Mahmoud Emam – Holly Steps (Freedom Flotilla), 2021
Emily Jacir – Letter To A Friend, 2019

Films selected in “Handala” section:

Rand Beiruty – Encountering Samir, 2020
Alessandra El Chanti – When Beirut Was Beirut, 2021
Elettra Bisogno; Hazem Alqaddi – Old Child, 2020
Christian Harb – What Remains, 2020
Zeina Ramadan – Sard, 2019
Hisham Zreiq – Don’t Cry, 2020
Farah Abou Kharroub – The Seven Villages, 2020 The Selection Board, after a long and careful analysis of all the films, decided to suspend the Echo of the Camp category for the eighteenth edition of Al Ard, due to the fact that none of the films sent satisfied the criteria for selection.Thanks to all the filmmakers who took time to submit their films and congrats to those who made it to the final stage.

Further news to come soon! Stay tuned!