Discover the Line-up: Al Ard Film Festival’s 20th Edition


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Cagliari, Sardinia – Get ready for Al Ard Film Festival, one of the most popular film festivals about Palestine in Europe, happening at Teatro Massimo from February 21 to 25, 2024. This 20th edition is extra special, coinciding with a pivotal moment in the ongoing Palestinian struggle.


Let Films Speak Loudly


This year’s call for entries, focusing on Palestine and the broader Arab world, brought in captivating works from around the globe. With a two-decade commitment to breaking the silence surrounding the Palestinian narrative, this edition’s mission is more crucial than ever.


Selected Films: Al Ard Film Festival – XX Edition



  1. I Live Here and Breath There, by Kasim Abid || Iraq/UK || 2023
  2. The Soil and the Sea, by Daniele Rugo || Lebanon/UK || 2023
  3. R21 AKA Restoring Solidarity, by Mohanad Yaqubi || Palestine/Belgium/Qatar || 2022
  4. Notes on Displacement, by Khaled Jarrar || Palestine/Germany/Qatar || 2022
  5. Yallah Gaza, by Roland Nurier || France || 2023
  6. In the Shadow of Beirut, by Stephen Gerard Kelly & Garry Keane || Ireland || 2023
  7. Lyd, by Rami Younis & Sarah Ema Friedland || Palestine/UK/USA || 2023
  8. Bread and Butter, by Marwah Jbara Tibi || Palestine || 2021
  9. Dancing on the Edge of the Volcano, by Cyril Aris || Lebanon/Germany || 2023



  1. Three Wishes in Gaza, by Marco Pirrello || Italy || 2022
  2. Summer, City and a Camera, by Anas Zawahri || Syria || 2022
  3. Bakdi, by Salah Boufellah || Algeria || 2022
  4. Little Sahara, by Emilio Martí López || Bojador refugee Camp for Sahrawi people -Tinduf, Algeria, and València, Spain || 2023
  5. Reel Rock: Resistance Climbing, by Nick Rosen & Zachary Barr || USA || 2023
  6. We Will Remain, by Bashar Zarour || Palestine/Ireland/UK || 2023
  7. Heavy Metal, by Edward Knowles &Timo Bruun || Germany/Jordan || 2023



  1. The Visit, by Ali El-Saadi || Jordan || 2023
  2. Uncle Give Me a Cigarette, by Al Masna || Palestine || 2023
  3. The Most Beautiful Among Mothers, by Mahmoud Abu Jazi || Palestine || 2023
  4. The Key, by Rakan Mayasi || Palestine/Belgium/Qatar || 2023
  5. Hamza: Chasing the Ghost Chasing Me, by Ward Kayyal || Palestine || 2022
  6. Mar Mama, by Majdi El Omari || Palestine || 2023


Revamped Awards: What’s New


This edition brings a revamped structure, offering artists more opportunities to discuss their work. The festival’s awards have transformed, with four prestigious prizes:


– Best Long Feature Documentary: €2000

– Best Short Feature Documentary: €1000

– Best Fictional Short Film: €1000

– Audience Award: €1000


This intentional reduction in awards aims to make them more precious than ever before.


Exciting Reveals on the Horizon


Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the jury of experts who will bring their discerning eyes and filmmaking knowledge to assess the remarkable films featured in this edition. Their expertise will add another layer of significance to the awards ceremony.


Grand Finale: The Gazelleband Concert


Adding to the excitement, we eagerly anticipate the grand finale of the 20th edition – a final concert featuring the Gazelleband. Let the melodies of this exceptional musical ensemble provide a fitting conclusion to this cinematic journey. Join us as we celebrate not only the power of storytelling on screen but also the harmony of music that transcends borders.


An Unforgettable Experience Awaits


As Al Ard Film Festival strives to make films about Palestine and the Arab world resonate louder across the Mediterranean, the 20th edition promises an unforgettable experience. Join us for the best edition yet, celebrating resistance, storytelling, and the power of filmmaking.


Al Ard Film Festival – where films about Palestine in Europe speak louder than ever.