Making Films Speak Louder: Embrace the Noise at Al Ard Film Festival 2024


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Cagliari, Sardinia. – The ongoing escalation of aggression against Palestinians in Gaza has brought Palestine into heightened focus, even in mainstream media. However, as is often the case in Europe, the voices of Palestinians remain underrepresented, with few given the opportunity to speak without facing censorship or being pressured to condemn their People’s resistance against a 75-year-old occupation. For over two decades, Al Ard Film Festival has tried to break this silence. This edition, our mission feels even more critical as we bring Palestinian voices to Sardinia for 20 years in a row.

Making Films Speak Louder: Embrace the Noise

The call for entries saw numerous filmmakers submitting works published no earlier than 2020, with a specific focus on Palestine and the broader Arab world. As per our tradition, we welcomed submission globally, regardless of the production or publication country.

As the submission phase concludes, the festival’s selection board is already watching the films with the aim of putting together a lineup that will speak loudly about Palestine and the Arab world, bringing these stories to our local and international audience.

Commitment to Accessibility: An Inclusive Festival Experience for All

For the third consecutive year, we will be at Teatro Massimo, from February 21 to 25, 2024. We will transform this venue into a space resonating with the echoes of Palestinian and Arab stories that demand to be heard. The theatre will become a platform for filmmakers, enthusiasts, and the audience to engage with artists from all over the world. Al Ard Film Festival, true to its commitment, ensures accessibility. As it has been for 20 editions, this one remains free, no tickets needed for screenings and events.

Revamped Awards: What’s Different

This upcoming edition, organizers are redefining the festival’s structure, offering artists more opportunities to discuss their work and incorporating exclusive events to deepen the audience’s connection with the films. In a bold move, the festival’s awards are undergoing a transformation too, with 4 prizes to be awarded in total:

  1. Best Long Feature Documentary
  2. Best Short Feature Documentary
  3. Best Fictional Short Film
  4. Audience Award

These changes aim to streamline recognition and make the awards more intriguing than ever before. Al Ard Film Festival enthusiasts will observe a notable shift as we reduced the number of awards. We intend this deliberate reduction to elevate the significance of each award, making them more precious than the previous edition.

An Unforgettable Experience

As the festival strives to make films about Palestine and the Arab world speak louder on this side of the Mediterranean Sea, we anticipate an unforgettable experience at the 20th edition of Al Ard Film Festival.

Prepare for the best edition of Al Ard Film Festival (yet).